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Font Family:  Size:  Align: Bold Italic

Textbox: left top width height


(Solid, Gradient)
color: opacity: %


Color: Opacity: % Width:


Shadow color: opacity: %   h-offset: v-offset: blur:


width: height:
Create graphic designs for standard and google web fonts. Add drop shadows, gradient fills, strokes and other text effects to create eye catching text graphics.

Choosing Font

The font is the primary design element in your text design. To select a font click the 'Text' tab and use the dropdown to choose the font family. You can also enter the size, select alignment and apply basic text styling to the text entered in the textbox.

The textbox dimensions can also be edited under the 'Text' tab.

Entering Text

All text is entered in a textbox indicated by a bounding box with control handles. Text can be edited by clicking on the textbox in the canvas. A blinking cursor is shown when the textbox is ready for keyboard input. If the textbox is not active you may need to click twice, first to activate the textbox and show transform controls, then click again to enable editing.