Brush Tool

The brush tool is the primary tool used to apply color when editing an image. With the brush tool, a user can apply color to an image using brush strokes. To use the brush tool in the online editor click the brush tool icon in the toolbar on the left or navigate to the brush tool page in the online image editor.

selecting color picker in the toolbar

Using the Brush

Strokes are made by pressing the mouse and dragging to leave a color mark along the path where the cursor moved. Releasing the mouse terminates the stroke. The brush tool paints with the foreground color which is selected from the color selector box in the toolbar.

Brush Tool Settings

The Gifgit online image editor brush tool has several settings to affect the behaviour of the brush:

Size: Sets the diameter of the brush strokes.

Blur: Set the spread of the brush stroke. Increasing the blur reduces the hardness of the brush stroke.

Opacity: Controls the the opacity of the brush stroke or how much you can see through it. A fully opaque stroke (100%) hides all content behind the stroke.

Blend Mode: Sets the Blend Mode of the brush stroke in the layer it is applied to.
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