Crop Tool

The crop tool creates a clipped or cropped image from a selected region of the image in the editor. The cropped image should have new dimensions and may have a different aspect ratio from the original uncropped image depending on the region you have selected to crop.

Crop an image online

To crop an image online:
  1. Open the online editor to the crop tool page. You can upload an image using 'Upload File' button.
  2. The image is loaded with a full size crop already present, drag the edges of the selection box to define the area you want to crop or usee the tool options bar to make a new selection.
  3. Press the 'Crop Image' button to complete cropping your image.

Using the Crop Tool

The crop tool automatically loads a full selection of the entire image canvas when loaded. You can resize the crop selection box by using the mouse cursor to press and drag the resize handle at the edges and corners of the crop box. When you move the cursor over the crop box the cursor icon will change to indicate how you can move or resize the box.


Aspect Ratio: Sets the aspect ratio constraints of the crop selection box.

Clear Button: Clears the canvas of any active crop selection.

Reset Button: Reloads a full size crop selection on the editor canvas.

Crop Button: Applies the crop to the image.
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