Lasso Tool

The lasso tool allows you to create irregular shaped selections by using freehand drawings. This makes the lasso tool perfect for making quick selections by using the mouse to follow the edges of simple shapes. The lasso tool is selected by clicking its icon in the toolbar on the left of the online editor or by going to the lasso tool page.

selecting the lasso tool in toolbar

Drawing Selections with the Lasso Tool

To use the lasso tool press and drag to trace the shape of the object in the image to form the selection. When you release the mouse the selection is completed and the path is closed from the starting point where the mouse pressed.

Tool Options

There are four modes that determine how the newly drawn selection is added to the to the image and how it interacts with a selection that already present.
  • New - The new selection will replace any active selection in the image.
  • Union - The new selection will be combined with the old selection.
  • Subtract - The area covered by the new selection will be subtracted from the old selection.
  • Intersection - A selection will be made from the intersecting region of the old selection and the new selection..

Aspect Ratio:
constrains the rectangular selection to the selected aspect ratio e.g 4:3.

The amount of pixels to be moved when the arrow key is pressed.

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