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How to Use the Meme Generator?

This online meme generator or editor allows you to quickly create memes using templates or uploaded images. There is no software to download and there is no sign-up to use it. To create your meme you simply:
  1. Select or upload your meme background image.
  2. Add text, edit, choose font and apply custom styling to it if you desire.
  3. Upload and insert image overlays.
  4. Download your meme.

Loading a Background Image

To start editing a meme the first thing you have to do is load a background image. Whenever you load a new background the editor is reset for a new edit. There are two ways to set the background image for your meme. You can use a template image from the online library of images or you can upload an image from your computer.

Using the Meme Library

The editor provides you with a library of popular memes in the sidebar. Clicking the template thumbnail loads the image in the editor. If you were already editing a meme, the editor will open a prompt to confirm that you want to start a new edit.

Uploading a background image

If you have an image on your computer that you would like to use to make a meme then use the "Upload an image" button in the sidebar. Clicking this button opens the file dialog where you can navigate to where your file is and chose it for upload to the editor.

Adding Meme Text

To add text to a meme click the 'Add Text' button. This will place a new default text object in the editor image canvas. The settings panel above the editor canvas will load with the text settings. You can use the settings to change text appearance and add effects to the text in the meme.

Text Settings

The text settings that determine
  • Family - dropdown that selects the family of the font.
  • Size - sets how large or how small the text is.
  • Style - used to set whether the font is regular, bold or italic.
  • Color - opens a color picker to set the color of the font.
  • Caps - when checked makes all characters uppercase in the text.
  • Alignment - sets how the text is ligned relative to its bounding box.
  • Stroke width - determines the thickness of the text outline.
  • Stroke color - used to select the color of the text outline.
  • Stroke width - used to select the color of the text outline.
  • Shadow
         x - horizontal offset of text shadow.
         y - text shadow vertical offset.
         blur - the blur radius of the shadow.
         color - color picker for the text shadow.

Adding Meme Headers and Footers

Adding a header or footer allows you to add content area to the top or bottom of the meme. The add header/footer bars are found immediately above and below the meme canvas. You can add a space filled with a solid color or add an image above or below the meme. This allows you to make compound memes by stacking one image on top of another.

Adding a Solid Color Header or Footer to Meme

You can add a solid color header and footer to your meme by clicking the 'Space' button in the header or footer bar. This will open up a panel with an input for the height of the added header/footer and a color picker to set the fill color of the space you will be adding above or below the meme. Editing these values will automatically update the preview header/footer with the changes. Press the 'Add' button to add you header or footer or 'Cancel' to exit the panel.

Adding an Image Header or Footer to Meme

By adding a header or footer image you can create stacked memes with multiple images in the background. To add an image header/footer click the 'Image' button in the header or footer bar. This will open a file dialog for you to choose an image to load. When an image is loaded the header or footer options panel will load with input fields to position and scale it. You can also set the height of the header and the background color behind the added image. When you have finished press 'Add' to apply the header of footer to the image. Press cancel to close the header/footer panel and leave the image unchanged.

Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com