Online Tools List

Below is a list of image editing tools currently available in the toolbox.
move tool icon


Moves a layer or selection. Use | Learn
rectangular marquee icon

Rectangular Marquee

Creates a rectangular selection. Use | Learn
elliptical marquee icon

Elliptical Marquee

Creates elliptical selections. Use | Learn
lasso tool icon


Creates freeform selections. Use | Learn
polygon lasso tool icon

Polygon Lasso

Creates straight edged selections. Use | Learn
crop tool icon


Clips an image to a selection or user defined region.
Use | Learn
color picker tool icon

Color Picker

Selects color from the image canvas. Use | Learn
brush tool icon


Uses strokes to add color to layer, mask or other drawable surface. Use | Learn
eraser tool icon


Overwrites the pixels in its stroke making them transparent. Use | Learn
background eraser tool icon

Background Eraser

Creates transparency around a region by sampling color. Use | Learn
gradient tool icon

Gradient Tool

Creates transitions between points of color. Use | Learn
blur tool icon

Blur Tool

Defocuses an image with brush strokes. Use | Learn
sharpen tool icon

Sharpen Tool

Sharpens an image where stroked with the brush.
Use | Learn
clone stamp tool icon

Clone Stamp

Copies or clones parts of an image from one point to another using brush strokes. Use | Learn
zoom tool icon


Magnifies or minimizes the image in the editor. Use | Learn
type tool icon

Type Tool

Adds text to the image. Use | Learn
paint bucket tool icon

Paint Bucket

fills a region with foreground color. Use | Learn
magic eraser tool icon

Magic Eraser

Erases a continuous region of similar color. Use | Learn
sponge tool icon


Changes the saturation. Use | Learn
dodge tool icon

Dodge Tool

Lightens an image in applied areas. Use | Learn
burn tool icon

Burn Tool

Darkens an image in applied areas. Use | Learn

Coming Soon

These tools are in the works and will be added to the editor in future updates.
magnetic lasso tool icon

Magnetic Lasso

Creates a selection using detected edges in an image. Learn
quick select tool icon

Quick Select Brush

Brush over an image to make selections. Learn
pencil tool icon


Draw freehand lines. Learn
spot healing brush icon

Spot Healing Brush

Removes blemishes by sampling sorrounding pixels. Learn
healing brush tool icon

Healing Brush

Removes blemishes with sampled pixels. Learn
patch tool icon

Patch Tool

Retouches an image by replacing one region with another.
magic wand tool icon

Magic Wand

Selects a continuous region of similar color. Learn
pen tool icon


Draw curved lines, vector shapes and paths. Learn
freeform pen tool icon

Freeform Pen

Draw vector shapes and paths like the pen tool. Learn
rectangle tool icon


Draw rectangle shape and paths. Learn
ellipse tool icon


Draw elliptical shape and paths. Learn
line tool icon


Draw shape or path that is a line. Learn
pencil tool icon

Polygon Tool

Creates vector shapes and paths from polygons. Learn
custom shape tool icon

Custom Shape

Draw shape and paths that are random shapes. Learn
pattern stamp tool icon

Pattern Stamp

Paints the image with a pattern. Learn