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About the Clone Stamp Tool

Get rid of blemishes, spots or replace objects in your image with the online clone stamp tool. The clone stamp works by using a selected portion of the image as a brush texture to paint over other areas in the image. This makes the clone stamp perfect for when you want to paint over an object in the image with sorrounding pixels or use pixels from other parts of the background to make an object disappear. Upload an image to try the clone stamp tool.
Clone stamp main example

How to Use the Online Clone Stamp Tool

  • Upload an image using the form above.
  • Press 'Alt' and click the image to define the clone starting point and area.
  • Adjust the settings in the tool options bar to set the size and behaviour of the clone stamp tool.
  • Stroke the image with the clone stamp tool to copy the image from the clone point to the destination area.

How the Clone Stamp Works

The clone stamp is an indispensable tool for retouching and repairing images. Though the name may give the impression of a complex tool only fit for advanced users, the clone stamp is surprisingly easy to work with, once you get the hang of it. Understanding the clone stamp will be simpler if you think of it as copying and pasting with a brush strokes. The tool copies one part of the image and pastes it into another, only this time, the area outside of the brush stroke is ignored when we paste the copied portion in the image.

You will notice when you open the tool and begin stroking the image, nothing happens. This is because just like in any copying and pasting routine you first have to set or select the region you're going to copy from. To begin 'cloning' with the clone stamp you have to set a starting point in the image for the clone stamp brush to clone from. This is done by pressing the Alt key and clicking the image at the point you want to start copying from. When the starting point is set a brush profile outline will surround the starting point.

If you do a simple click of the image in another location the area around the copy point will be copied to the new location. This is how the clone stamp tool copies. If you drag the mouse in the image the image area covered by the stroke will be copied to the new location.

Clone Stamp Tool Settings

  • Size: Sets the diameter of the clone stamp brush stroke.
  • Blur: Sets the blur of the clone stamp brush strokes. The lower the blur the harder the brush strokes.
  • Opacity: Determines the opacity of the the clone stamp in a range of zero for completely transparent to one hundred for fully opaque. A high opacity causes the strokes to completely hide the image behind it. Setting low to medium opacity allows the clone stamp strokes to blend with the part of the image it is brushing over.
  • Blend Mode: Determines the blend mode of the stroke when applied to the image.
  • Aligned: When checked, clones a part of the image at a set offset from the cursor.

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