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Image Editing Tools

List of image editing tools
move tool icon
Moves a layer or selection. Use | Learn
rectangular marquee icon
Rectangular Marquee
Creates a rectangular selection. Use | Learn
elliptical marquee icon
Elliptical Marquee
Creates elliptical selections. Use | Learn
lasso tool icon
Creates freeform selections. Use | Learn
polygon lasso tool icon
Polygon Lasso
Creates straight edged selections. Use | Learn
crop tool icon
Clips an image to a selection or user defined region.
Use | Learn
color picker tool icon
Color Picker
Selects color from the image canvas. Use | Learn
brush tool icon
Uses strokes to add color to layer, mask or other drawable surface. Use | Learn
eraser tool icon
Overwrites the pixels in its stroke making them transparent.
Use | Learn
background eraser tool icon
Background Eraser
Creates transparency around a region by sampling color.
Use | Learn
gradient tool icon
Gradient Tool
Creates transitions between points of color. Use | Learn
blur tool icon
Blur Tool
Defocuses an image with brush strokes. Use | Learn
sharpen tool icon
Sharpen Tool
Sharpens an image where stroked with the brush.
Use | Learn
clone stamp tool icon
Clone Stamp
Copies or clones parts of an image from one point to another using brush strokes. Use | Learn
zoom tool icon
Magnifies or minimizes the image in the editor. Use | Learn
type tool icon
Type Tool
Adds text to the image. Use | Learn
paint bucket tool icon
Paint Bucket
fills a region with foreground color. Use | Learn
magic eraser tool icon
Magic Eraser
Erases a continuous region of similar color. Use | Learn
sponge tool icon
Changes the saturation. Use | Learn
dodge tool icon
Dodge Tool
Lightens an image in applied areas. Use | Learn
burn tool icon
Burn Tool
Darkens an image in applied areas. Use | Learn