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About Image Brightness

Easily adjust the brightness of your images online with the free online image and photo editor available at Make image brightness adjustments with the online photo editor by simply dragging a slider to increase or decrease the brightness values in the entire image. Increasing the image brightness creates the visual perception of more light radiating from the scene in the image. Upload an image from your computer or use a sample image to try the brightness tool.
Brightness filter main example

How to Adjust Image Brightness Online

  • Upload an image using the form above.
  • Drag the slider or edit the brightness value input field in the tool options bar to adjust the brightness level in the image.
  • Click 'Reset' to return to the original image brightness.

How Brightness Adjustment Works

Brightness is a measure of the total amount of perceived light in an image. When we observe a scene our eyes collect light that travels from a light source and interacts with objects in its path on its way to our eyes. These light interactions include reflections, refractions or diffractions and they determine the final image we see. The final amount of light that reaches our eyes, or brightness, is dependent on the total luminance or intensity of all the light sources in an observed scene. If you have zero or very little light in a scene you will experience complete or near darkness such as in the night. On the opposite end you experience a very bright scene on a summer day when you need to wear shades to view your sorroundings comfortably.

Similar to our eyes, the image a digital camera creates is as a function of the light that falls on the image sensor in the camera. The digital image stores the spatial color information along with the associated intensity values of the color components. This information can later be loaded on a pixel based digital display for viewing. When we make brightness adjustments to a digital image we are simply increasing or decreasing the intensity of the red, green and blue color components of the pixels in an image by adding or subtracting a value to them.

By default an image is loaded with the brightness level assumed to be 100%. The 100% value is not an absolute measure of brightness for all images. Whether you load a near dark night scene or a very sunny beach scene, the brightness will default to 100% for each case. However, for all images, moving the slider to 0% decreases the brightness or darkens the image until full blackness at zero. Moving the slider higher than 100% makes the image brighter. Continually adding excessive amounts of brightness to the image will causes overexposure where the resulting image will appear to have large swaths of white or near white areas.

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Online photo editing with layers, layer masks, a workflow and user interface like a traditional desktop photo editor that provides you with the toolset and features to professionally edit your images. No need to download or use desktop software like Microsoft Paint, Photoshop or GIMP to do quick edits. Edit your images online with the best online image editor.
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