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Abhaya Libre Font

Abhaya Libre font preview image
px   w: h:   Fill: Stroke: Shadow: x y blur Bkgnd:
The name ‘Abhaya’ is derived from King Abhaya who ruled over the ancient Sri Lankan kingdom of Upatissa Nuwar from 474 BCE to 454 BCE. It a the Unicode compliant, complete libre version of ‘FM Abhaya’, the most popular Sinhala typeface on Earth.
Designed by: Mooniak
Category: Serif

File Info

AbhayaLibre-Regular.ttf 543 KB Truetype
AbhayaLibre-Medium.ttf 532 KB Truetype
AbhayaLibre-SemiBold.ttf 507 KB Truetype
AbhayaLibre-Bold.ttf 516 KB Truetype
AbhayaLibre-ExtraBold.ttf 523 KB Truetype
OFL.txt 5 KB Text/License
*Nb. The 'Abhaya Libre' font is property of the listed author(s). Please read the associated license or contact the designer directly to determine legal use.


Abhaya Libre glyph set