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IBM Plex Sans Condensed Font

Ibm Plex Sans Condensed font preview image
px   w: h:   Fill: Stroke: Shadow: x y blur Bkgnd:
Designed by: Mike Abbink, Bold Monday
Category: Sans-serif

File Info

IBMPlexSansCondensed-Thin.ttf 109 KB TrueType
IBMPlexSansCondensed-ThinItalic.ttf 113 KB TrueType
IBMPlexSansCondensed-ExtraLight.ttf 108 KB TrueType
IBMPlexSansCondensed-ExtraLightItalic.ttf 112 KB TrueType
IBMPlexSansCondensed-Light.ttf 107 KB TrueType
IBMPlexSansCondensed-LightItalic.ttf 111 KB TrueType
IBMPlexSansCondensed-Regular.ttf 106 KB TrueType
IBMPlexSansCondensed-Italic.ttf 112 KB TrueType
IBMPlexSansCondensed-Medium.ttf 106 KB TrueType
IBMPlexSansCondensed-MediumItalic.ttf 110 KB TrueType
IBMPlexSansCondensed-SemiBold.ttf 106 KB TrueType
IBMPlexSansCondensed-SemiBoldItalic.ttf 111 KB TrueType
IBMPlexSansCondensed-Bold.ttf 107 KB TrueType
IBMPlexSansCondensed-BoldItalic.ttf 112 KB TrueType
OFL.txt 5 KB Text
*Nb. The 'IBM Plex Sans Condensed' font is property of the listed author(s). Please read the associated license or contact the designer directly to determine legal use.


Ibm Plex Sans Condensed glyph set